Xiaomi Update Mi Camera App, There are New Features

Companies in China are starting to aggressively innovate on the smartphone products they make. Including Xiaomi which released MIUI firmware for their smart phones including the Mi Camera application update.

With these updates, users can capture photos better than before. Video recording can also be more detailed. This latest software is available for the Mi 10-series, however the following week it will be released on other Xiaomi smartphones too.

Launch Gizchina, this latest software supports the ‘Super Stabilizer Plus’ feature which can improve the optimization of algorithms for video recording. Therefore, the video movement becomes slower.

In addition, Mi Camera now supports the ‘Smooth Approximation’ feature for zooming. There are many new feature updates for this software than ever before.

Another example is, when recording video you can adjust the white balance, change focus settings, change the shutter speed, change ISO and increase exposure.

8K resolution video recording on the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro is also getting better. Another benefit is, this can reduce the space on the cell phone. Good news for Xiaomi users, right?

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