This Application Claims to Make it Easy to Install Play Store on Huawei Phones

Huawei never gives up to re-hook Google for its new device. Similarly, Google seems to want the same thing but hampered by the rules of United States President Donald Trump. This caused many people to find their own way to get Google applications, especially the Play Store.

What is needed, as quoted on Forbes is to install the application ‘Chat Partner‘ which, according to a blog in Germany can provide a ‘one-click solution’ to the problem. The Play Store application is claimed to be installed directly with it.

But this is certainly still in the grey realm, there is no guarantee that the solution will provide the same security from your default smartphone. This software can also be turned off as it did in the ‘LZPlay’ app on the Mate 30.

Regarding security issues, HuaweiBlog.de claims this application does not appear to be problematic, although it has not been guaranteed with certainty.

“This application is basically an application script needed for GSM. I myself have tried this new option many times in the past few days. I do not see any restrictions. I also do not realize ‘suspicious’ traffic,” he wrote.

He also mentioned having consulted with some ‘experts’ and according to him, there is no problem with the application.

Nevertheless, this is clearly prohibited for Google. Google does not allow users to install applications that are suspected of having a high risk and cannot guarantee user safety.

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