Hollywood Filmmakers Make Films Using The iPhone 11 Pro

Star Wars film director: The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson, makes a new short film titled Paris 9/19.

Instead of using a camera or professional recording device, Johnson actually recorded the film entirely using the iPhone 11 Pro, one of the latest iPhone variants that were released by Apple last September.

In the short film duration of 1 minute 48 seconds, Johnson shot various angles of the city of Paris through a wide-angle camera iPhone 11 Pro, enriched with nuances of instrumental music (piano).

“I usually see camera updates as just a small increase, but the wide-angle lens (iPhone 11 Pro) changes that,” Johnson said, as reported by GSMArena.


In addition to Rian Johnson, director of the film The Adjustment Bureau, George Nolfi, also made a short film using the iPhone 11 Pro titled Tough Crowd.

In contrast to Johnson who made the city as an object in his short film, Nolfi actually uses a boy as a subject in his film.

The Short film made by Nolfi tells the story of a boy who is trying to attract the attention of people around with tricks and the ability to play football.

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