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How to Buy Uniswap Step by Step

Uniswap (CRYPTO: UNI) has become a go-to investment for many crypto enthusiasts in the race for global crypto market share, and the fact that it is in the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization despite being created a little over three years ago is quite intriguing. It is the world’s largest decentralized exchange, and its significance has grown as it has become a key component of how crypto investors conduct peer-to-peer transactions in the real world. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit

Steps to buy Uniswap

On different exchange platforms, security, dependability, and liquidity are all at different levels. Before creating an account on any of the platforms, do your research. At the moment, the best exchanges to buy Uniswap are Uphold, Kraken, and Binance. Kraken is the most recommended for US residents. Follow the easy steps below to buy UNI.

Step 1-Sign up on the exchange account

Before you sign up on an exchange, ensure that the exchange supports UNI. You only need your name, email address, and password to sign up

Step 2-Verify your account

You will provide your name, date of birth, country of residence, and phone number. This would be enough if you plan on trading your UNI with another crypto, but if you plan to use cash, you would need to provide additional supporting documents like your social security number (SSN), valid ID, proof of residence, face photograph, KYC questionnaire, and sign up for two-factor authentication.

Step 3-Fund your account

Buying UNI directly with a bank card is not possible in some regions, so you may need to fund your account with another crypto first, but if the option is available, simply insert the amount you want to buy and check the number of UNI you will be receiving. Where buying UNI directly is not possible, then you would have to first buy an established crypto like BTC, ETH, or USDT first.

Step 4-Purchase UNI

Once your account is funded, then you’re ready to purchase UNI. At this point, you will also have access to charting tools, 24-hour global client support, and the ability to trade on margin, depending on the exchange and its features

Steps to sell Uniswap

You can sell UNI for cash or for another crypto asset. The first and second steps are the same as those involved in buying it.

To sign up on the exchange, you only need to enter a working email address, a username, and a password. You would be sent a verification link to your email address, and you would be required to click on it to complete the signup process.

Verification is required in order to fulfill KYC requirements. On Kraken, all you need is your name, birth date, country of residence, and phone number, and your account will be completely set up.

Step 3-Send UNI to your exchange address

To send UNI from your wallet to the exchange address, you would need to create a deposit address in your exchange account. The address will serve as your account number.

Step 4-Sell UNI for cash

Now that your UNI is in the exchange account, all that is left is to sell. To sell UNI for cash, the exchange will conduct more verification than in step 2. You will need to send in a valid identification card and proof of residence documents. After this second verification is confirmed, you can sell your UNI for cash by placing a sell order.

Step 4-Sell UNI for another crypto asset

Once your account has received funding, you can trade your UNI against other currency pairs. Simply open the “new order page,” fill out the order form, and click on “sell.” Always check the UNI price charts on the exchange and market stats to know the best time to sell.Investing in cryptocurrencies linked to decentralized exchanges provides many advantages to investors who are bullish on the cryptocurrency’s continued growth. The DeFi movement is strong indeed, and cryptocurrencies such as UNI could represent the future of exchange for investors. Cryptocurrency is very volatile and so it’s hard to predict even for a couple of hours

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