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How To Use Apple Airdrop To Send Files on Mac, iPhone & iPad

This tutorial will be going over activating Airdrop, sending files, and receiving files. Let’s not waste time and start the tutorial on How To Use Apple Airdrop To Send Files on Mac, iPhone & iPad

How To Activate Airdrop on your Mac

Firstly, make sure Airdrop is activated on the device you want to receive files on. If your devices are already activated, skip to our next section.

  • On a Mac, click “Go” in the Finder menu at the top of your screen.
  • click “Airdrop” (If your Bluetooth or WIFI are turned off, you’ll be prompted to turn them on)
  • At the bottom of the Airdrop window, you can choose which devices you want to allow to connect to the device you’re currently using. Choose either “Everyone” or “Contacts Only”
  • Choosing “Everyone” can save you time if you’re constantly receiving files from a number of people. Note that if you choose “Everyone, “anyone with an Apple device can try to send you files.

How To Activate Airdrop on iPhone & iPad

  • On your iPhone or iPad, the activation process is the same:
  • Go into the “Settings”
  • Click “General” and
  • Tap “Airdrop”
  • Here, you’ll be able to adjust your permissions. Choose either “Everyone” or “Contacts Only”, You’re now ready to send and receive files on this device.

Sending files from your Mac, iPhone & iPad

You want to send a file, photo or document from your iPhone or iPad to any of your other Apple devices. All you have to do is:

  • Go into the File app
  • choose the file, photo or document you want to send,
  • Click the share button.
  • Now select the Airdrop function and choose

You can also send files from your Mac to other devices. Simply :

  • Right-click on any file
  • Go down to the “Share” option
  • click “Airdrop” to see the list of available options.

As long as you’re in range and have your device’s Airdrop function activated, you can share just about any file between your Apple devices.

Receiving files, videos, or photos between Apple device

Receiving from a device that is logged in with the same Apple ID, will automatically accept files.Receiving from a device that’s logged in to a different Apple ID, you’ll always be asked first whether you want to accept or decline the transfer.If you choose to accept, your files will go directly into the downloads folder of your Mac or into the appropriate app of your iPhone or iPad.

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