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How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Samsung phones

Transferring your WhatsApp chat and media from your iPhone to a brand-new android phone has always been a complicated and painful process. Even though there is a lot of software to help you to do that but sometimes they cost expensive and do not always. Now, I want you to follow me on this quick trip on how to transfer your WhatsApp from iPhone to your Samsung phone.Now, Samsung support transferring WhatsApp from iPhone to Samsung phones using its “Samsung smart switch” solution.Getting started, here are a couple of things you need to do before you start the process:

Your Samsung Galaxy phone needs to be factory reset or it doesn’t have a previous instance of WhatsApp installed.The battery level on your Samsung galaxy phone is at least 80 and above otherwise smart switch is not going to work because it takes up a lot of power when you transfer your chats from iPhone to Samsung phone.You need to prepare an MFI USB-C to lightning cable (I do not recommend those non-authorized cables because it’s not going to work properly).

Now See How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Samsung phones

1 After you have reset your Samsung galaxy phone.

2 Plugin the USB connector to the lightning cable on one end of the Samsung Galaxy phone and the lightning connector to your iPhone. (Your Samsung phone is going to charge your iPhone which is why it requires that much power).

3 A window pop-up, tap on “smart switch“.

4 A welcome prompt pop-up. Click “Agree”, Then “Allow” all the permissions (Note: you need to have the latest version of the smart switch installed).

5 Next, wait for it to show “connecting to transfer your data”.

6 A pop-up on your Samsung Phone, Check your iPhone. On your iPhone, a pop-up window, click “Trust” and enter your password.

7 Tap on “Next” on the Samsung Galaxy. Wait for it to search for data to transfer… (it’s going to take a while).

8 The next windows will show a lot of data available for transfer.

9 Untick All & Select only “Apps”, Then “Transfer”.Now it’s going to check for matching apps and tell you which apps can be transferred and downloaded through the play store

10 Choose only “WhatsApp” then install (Note: you might need to scan a QR code with your iPhone to do).

11 In case your Samsung pop-up a QR code, on your iPhone, “Go to settings” Go “Chats”.Tap “Move chats to android”

12 Tap on “Start”, it’s will start to transfer (wait for it to complete).

13 On your Samsung, tap on “Next”, Tap on “Next” again, and tap on “Done”.

16 On your iPhone, Turn off the iMessage

Now, on your Samsung app drawer, you should be seeing WhatsApp automatically installed. Here:

1 Open the WhatsApp.

2 Tap on “Agree and continue”.

3 Input your Previous WhatsApp Number, then “Next”.

4 A pop-up window shows saying “importing chat history”, click “Start”

5 Next, Allow all Permission.

6 Wait, Till Import is completed. Click “Next”.

7 Enter name and tap next, it’s going to initialize

8 Next, it is going to ask for google drive. Skip and press “Done

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