Tue. May 17th, 2022

Well, lets get down to business.

Brethren, this is my first 120hz refresh rate and i will never ever go back again (this might come as grand breaking innovation on iphone line-up) when is added on iPhone 13 or 14 which will be celebrated. Not knowing it has been on android since 2017. Bro, this refresh rate makes your scrolling so smooth, you would want to eat your phone

Battery & 55 wats (GaN) charger
It will last you a full day on normal or average use, it can even go better if you downgrade to 60hz refresh rate, cos 120hz drain a bit more battery. The charging speed is so fast, You won’t notice you even plugged your phone to charge – This makes me wonder how Apple are so selfish, and why iPhone user are so sheepy!! Because this company is so selfish, their charging speed is capped, i used every charger possible on this useless iPhone 11, and the charging speed still remain the same, 2 hours to fully charger in this modern age? God forbid!! “Apple creates problem, then sell the solution to its user” cos they know they’ll definitely buy. why I’m saying this? I feel the only charger that can charge iPhone very fast is Apple fast charger “ONLY” i still stand to be corrected.

Personally, the only phone that looks better than this phone in real life is Samsung S21 (the phone wasn’t looking all that good to me till i saw it in person, i was like wow!!- and that’s that.

Reverse Wireless Charging

This features is self-explaining, it charges other phone and this wow many, you don’t get all this premium features for this price on any other phone manufacturer in the world

The Camera is very good, i feel the only camera better is s21, mi 11 pro and ultra, maybe can be compared with 12 pro max, pixel 5, oneplus 9 or p40

UI and Feels.
Honestly, haven’t seen anything more cool on ä phone like this “MIUI Super Wallpaper” When you get the chance to feel it, you’ll understand where I’m coming from – The Haptic engine is now upgraded, is now as good as the one on iPhone.

Inconclusion, why is it Xiaomi for me? I bought Poco f1 from China in 2018, phone that has snapdragon 845 for $350+ whilst Samsung with that chipset is around $800 on flagship – That’s massive value for money, then Second space, ir blaster, security etc, I love Samsung but now i love MI more. The company meant it when they said “Innovation for everyone”

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