Wed. May 25th, 2022

Delhi Metro Services have been shut ever since the pandemic hit and we are in the sixth month of home-only life. We don’t even know when the services will resume. But when it does, it seems Delhites will be enjoying contactless and cashless travel.

Yes, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), in partnership with Autope, has come up with “Zero Human Intervention” cards. These Autope cards feature auto top-up facility. This would make the “Smart Card” really smart!

“This new feature empowers a commuter to get his/her smart card auto topped up at AFC (entry) gates across the network which will help him/her to have seamless travel without worrying about top-up from time to time,” claims Dr. Mangu Singh, Managing Director, DMRC.

Autope “Zero Human Intervention” cards: How it works

Autope cards for Delhi Metro

  • You will be able to link your bank account/UPI/credit card with the Metro Smart Card.
  • So, whenever you scan your metro card at the entry gate (ie., the Automatic Fare Collection machine), if the card balance dips below Rs. 100, the card will auto-recharge Rs. 200 (which will be debited the next working day). This way, you will have an uninterrupted, contactless and cashless trip as mentioned above.


This new card won’t be replacing the existing card you own. You can still use the latter, but it’s just that you won’t be able to enjoy the new auto-recharge facility.

Also, for every transaction using the new Zero Intervention Card, Autope will charge a nominal convenience fee (up to a max 1%). But at the same time, it offers a 5% discount on each top-up, which should come as savings for routine commuters.

On the AutoPe website or app, if you want, you can personalize the card by adding your photo and name to it at an additional cost of Rs 150.

How to get the Autope “Zero Human Intervention” cards

• You can either get it directly from the station counter once the services start. Else, apply at the Autope website and get it delivered at your doorstep.
• Once you receive the card, you have to visit the Autope website, register, and activate the auto-debit setting.

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