Wed. May 25th, 2022

Alexa! play Spotify. Yes, you can now ask Alexa to play your favorite music, or favorite playlist or favorite podcast through Spotify on echo devices. This Spotify-Alexa integration shall work for both Premium and free tier subscribers in India.

The Swedish company claims that customers will be able to summon Alexa in English, Hindi or Hinglish to listen to Spotify. Also, users will be able to ask Alexa to play music by artist, album, track, genre, and even personalized playlists, as per their service plan.

How to get Spotify on your Amazon Echo devices

  • Open the Alexa app your phone and login into linked Amazon account.
  • Now go to Settings Menu.
  • Look for the ‘Music’ section.
  • Now ‘Link New Service’ by tapping on the plus button.
  • It will open a new menu with a list of available music skills. Just tap on Spotify.
  • It will open a web page to authorize by filling in Spotify username and password.
  • Once the login process is complete, you need to set Spotify as ‘default music service’ from the Music menu.

Now, that you have managed to connect your Spotify account with your Amazon Alexa account, you need to do is ask Alexa to play Spotify. You can request Alexa for music playback with voice commands like “Alexa, play Badshah songs on Spotify”, “Alexa, play meditational music on Spotify” and more.

Here are a bunch of voice commands that users can use to control Spotify streaming on an Amazon Echo device. These include:


“Alexa, play my Daily Mix 1 on Spotify”
“Alexa, play Bollywood Acoustic on Spotify”
“Alexa, play Chai & Classics on Spotify”
“Alexa, play my playlist from Spotify”


“Alexa, play Street Dancer 3D songs on Spotify”
“Alexa, play Kabir Singh songs on Spotify”


“Alexa, play Malang on Spotify”
“Alexa, play Dance Monkey on Spotify”


“Alexa, play Badshah songs on Spotify”

Artist Radio

“Alexa, play A R Rahman Radio on Spotify”


“Alexa, play chill tracks on Spotify”

Music Alarm

“Alexa, set alarm for 6 AM with meditation music on Spotify”

Spotify Connect

“Alexa, Spotify Connect on Kitchen Echo”


“Alexa, Spotify connect” and then select the Podcast on the Spotify app. It will play on the connected Echo device.

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