Tue. May 17th, 2022

Nvidia has rolled out a new game filter technology for GeForce Now that will change the look of whatever game you are playing. The game filter technology is named Freestyle.

Nvidia’s GeForce Freestyle will let you apply post-processing filters to the games in real-time. It will also let you adjust saturation, add film grain effects if the game that you are playing supports the technology.

Freestyle has enhanced the parity between cloud game servicing and traditional desktop counterparts.

 How to use Nvidias new Instagram-style game filters for GeForce Now

Nvidia Freestyle lets you customise your game’s appearance in real-time

With Freestyle, players can slap Instagram-style filters onto their games.

Nvidia says that it is integrating the tech at the driver level and has “seamless compatibility” with a long list of supported titles.

Freestyle is now available on the GeForce Now PC and macOS apps.

Nvidia GeForce on its website said with Freestyle options, users can be more creative with the games, add a retro war-themed filter for their favorite FPS.

Gamers can even use night mode, which reduces the amount of blue light emitted while playing.

How to start using NVIDIA Freestyle to enhance and customise gameplay:

Step 1: Gamers need to first install the latest GeForce Experience (GFE 3.12 or above) and download the most recent Game Ready driver (390.65 or above)

Step 2: Select the Freestyle beta in GeForce Experience by going to Settings, then General, and check Enable Experimental Features

Step 3: Press Atl+Z for the in-game overlay and click – Game Filter, or access Freestyle directly by pressing Alt+F3

After the Game Filter Freestyle overlay is loaded, press on the “+” icon to add a new filter to your game, and to stack more filters.

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