Tue. May 24th, 2022

Last year, Samsung introduced a 108 MP camera sensor for smartphones. Some people think that camera sensors up to hundreds of megapixels are a bit excessive, but it seems that Samsung doesn’t think so.

In fact they set even more ambitious targets, namely defeating the human eye. Quoted from SamMobile, Wednesday (4/22/2020) Samsung intends to develop a camera sensor up to 600 MP.

Samsung Censorship business boss Yongin Park in his post on the Samsung blog said that currently the ability of the human eye is equivalent to a resolution of 500 MP.

In comparison, modern DSLR cameras offer 40 MP sensors and smartphone cameras offer 12 MP sensors, still a long way from being able to rival the capabilities of the human eye.

Samsung has managed to balance the need for resolution and pixel size with advanced pixel binning technology. For the 64 MP sensor they use 2×2 pixel binning, while their 108 MP sensor uses 3×3 pixel binning to increase the light absorbed.

Park did not explain in more detail about the specifications or the process of developing this 600 MP sensor, but will likely use a similar technology.

“In the future, we might even have sensors that can see microbes that are invisible to the naked eye,” Park said.

The 600 MP sensor will certainly have a very large size and probably cannot be loaded on a normal sized smartphone. One way is to reduce the pixel size, and Samsung has succeeded in introducing a 0.7μm pixel sensor.

Samsung will also see how to implement this large sensor for devices other than smartphones such as autonomous vehicles, drones or Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Although Samsung has a long way to go, it looks like they will be one step closer to the 600 MP sensor. At the end of this year, Samsung is rumored to be launching a 150 MP Nonacell camera sensor for smartphones.

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