Thu. May 19th, 2022

Snapchat creates a new filter that aims to educate and recognize myths related to the corona virus. This interactive filter takes the form of a trivia game that asks its users to choose the right or wrong answer options for various statements related to the corona virus. The user will then be asked to share and send the results to his friends, as well as invite them to play together.

Statements that appear for example include “A heat scanner can detect if someone is infected with COVID-19”, and “Spraying chlorine throughout the body will not kill COVID-19”. Users can answer right or wrong on these statements.

So, users can stay entertained while getting new information through this filter. Take it easy, the information that Snapchat uses in this filter comes directly from the World Health Organization (WHO), really. So the truth is of course proven.

This filter made by Snapchat is one of the many ways that technology companies have done to combat hoaxes, misinformation, and the like related to the corona virus. Because at this time there are indeed very many hoaxes related to this virus, from the start that makes sense to too strange, as this pandemic is spreading due to 5G network speed.

Previously there was also Facebook that collected a variety of credible information related to the corona virus and then was displayed at the top of the news feed. There, users can find various articles, videos, suggestions, and many posts containing accurate information related to the corona virus.

Then Google Maps also helped increase awareness of users, especially for users who began experiencing symptoms of corona virus infection, as quoted from Digital Trends, Friday (3/27/2020).

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