Tue. May 24th, 2022

For those who are working from home, the game is one of the activities at home that can be done in between work routines so they don’t get bored. But if you play the game on a computer and often lag, you need to outsmart it.

Now, 7 tips from Kaspersky, will help get maximum gaming performance from your Windows 10 PC while maintaining a high level of protection.

1. Make sure the internet is smooth

Make sure your internet has a stable speed and latency (signal delay). Open the web browser and navigate to a comprehensive speed testing service like speedtest.net or dslreports.com.

Make sure the internet speed is adequate (most games are enough with 10 Mbit / s, but for streaming video everything requires 50-100 Mbit / s) and a very small delay (aka ping).

Modern optical fiber networks usually give you ping 5-50 ms, which is good for most games. Delays in hundreds of milliseconds might be an obstacle for you to win a game.

Fixing this problem might include experimenting with WiFi router settings, moving it closer to a gaming computer, switching to a cable connection between a computer and router (keep in mind that pro players only use cable connections) or even changing your internet service provider.

2. Optimize video game settings

If your game is too wasteful of power and the graphics card cannot provide enough processing power, playing the game will be frustrating. Now, setting a lower level of detail or reducing the resolution in game settings can be a solution.

Focus on reducing eye candy while maintaining things like visibility that help you win the game. Activate the FPS indicator if supported by game settings.

Then, adjust the fine-tune settings so that you can consistently press 30-60 frames per second from the system. More is better (and gives you room for improved graphics). If it’s less than that, it’s usually considered to be unusable for dynamic games like shooter games. For online games, more than 60 FPS is highly recommended.

3. Optimize power settings

This factor is very important for laptops and is also relevant for computers. Make sure you play with AC power and activate the best performance mode. The easiest way to adjust it is to click the battery icon on the taskbar and move the slider to the right, where the settings and best performance are.

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