Tue. May 17th, 2022

Corona virus outbreak is currently still threatening the world, since the last three months of this virus came he has eaten thousands of victims infected with death, of course this impact provides fear, stress and anxiety for the community.

The social media service Snapchat also presents mental health features to help its users combat the anxiety and depression associated with the Corona virus.

Reported by detikINET from Engadget this feature is called ‘Here For You “(here for you). With this feature users can find various information and ways to deal with mental health related by simply writing keywords such as anxiety, stress, depression or oppression. In addition to this search results will also be provided in the form of videos where resources are obtained from health organizations.

This feature will also highlight information from health organizations such as EDC and WHO. The feature will begin launching next week, where Snap accelerates its release time in response to the Corona virus pandemic.

Snap previously also offered application updates related to the Corona virus. Like the daily news about Corona at Good Luck America and also regularly displays geofilter that encourages users to always wash their hands and keep social distance.

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