Tue. May 24th, 2022

There are some things that make chats on WA (WhatsApp) be deleted and make the reader curious. But no need to worry about prolonged because there is a WhatsApp to restore deleted WhatsApp chat.

There are two delete chat options that can occur, ‘delete for me’ or ‘delete for everyone’. Now how to restore WhatsApp chat that WhatsApps deleted long ago can be seen again with the following steps.

How to restore a deleted WhatsApp message:

How to restore a deleted WhatsApp chat by restoring a backup in Google Drive. Because all data entering WhatsApp is stored in Google Drive.

The first step is to uninstall WhatsApp. Then reinstall the application and verify the same number with Google Drive.

When opened, WhatsApp will ask you to restore WhatsApp chat or not. Click ‘Restore’ as a WhatsApp to restore deleted WhatsApp chats.

After the process is complete, click ‘Continue’ and the chat will take a long time or the deleted one will reappear. In addition, WhatsApp will also recover media files that have been lost.

However, before making WhatsApp restore the deleted WhatsApp chats above, make sure your WhatsApp number used for Google Drive is the same

Besides being deleted, WhatsApp chat can also be lost because of a lost cellphone. Nonetheless, the steps above can also be used. Good luck!

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