Thu. May 19th, 2022

If you’re someone who’d like call recording to be a standard feature on your Android phone, it looks as though your wish may come true.

As XDA-Developer reports, the latest version (43.0.289191107) of the Google Phone app has just rolled out to Android One handsets, and in particular the Pixel 4. It didn’t take long for Mishaal Rahman, editor-in-chief at XDA to decode the resources included with the new app to see what’s new. What he discovered was a number of assets “pertaining to call recording” as well as a new layout and icon. Further evidence comes in the form of three new strings, two for “Record” and one for “Recording.”

Call recording on Android phones has relied on manufacturers rather than Google due to a lack of an official recording API for the mobile OS. Even then, access to the feature was limited and relied on third-party dialer apps from OEMs.

Call recording becoming a standard feature was hinted at earlier this month when Xiaomi announced it was switching its phones to use the default Google Phone app rather than its own MIUI dialer. One of the features of that alternative dialer app was, you guessed it, call recording. When users complained about losing recording Xiaomi responded by stating recording would still be possible in 2020. Now it’s becoming clear how that’s possible.

Until Google confirms call recording is being added to the dialer app it remains unclear if or when it will be introduced. Even then, we don’t know how limited it will be. It could just be for Google’s own phones, but then why would Xiaomi make the switch and suggest call recording would be available?

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