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Are you looking for instant messaging apps to use? Well in this article I’ve compiled the best Instant Messaging apps you can use on Android and iOS.

I had recently published an article on the best social media apps for Android and iOS users, yeah it’s like making a list of apps that are known and used by everyone who engages in internet activities.

But today’s article does seem to be different and I’ll be making compilations on the best instant messaging apps for Android and iOS users, if you want to send fast messages or make quick voice or video call, these apps are the best you can use. They’ll have different feature and has one or two benefits in terms of how they work.

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List Of The Best Instant Messaging Apps For Android and iOS

1. Telegram


Honestly, I’ll say Telegram is one of the most underrated instant messaging app out there, yeah people like to talk more about WhatsApp and Facebook Messanger, but if you want a convenient instant messaging app with a lot of features, then you should consider going for Telegram. Telegram is very fast and secured, if you want to run a channel or a group with unlimited members, Telegram is the only app that’ll let you achieve that.

Telegram is fun to use, you can be anonymous on telegram, there are lots of funny stickers and Gifs on Telegram, on Telegram you don’t need to worry about backing up your messages, they’ll get backed up automatically and even if you change your device, you’ll still have access to your messages from the new device, you can clear conversations from your side and the person you’re chatting with. Telegram is awesome and for me, its the best instant messaging app and I’ll always rate it higher than WhatsApp.

We have a community which is actively engaging, you can 


DownloadQR-CodeTelegramDeveloper: Telegram FZ-LLCPrice: Free 

‎Telegram Messenger

DownloadQR-Code‎Telegram MessengerDeveloper: Telegram LLCPrice: Free 

2. Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger is a very popular instant messaging app that has a cool feature that makes up a perfect instant messaging app, this app has a unique interface and it makes chatting easy for its users, a lot of people don’t use Viber, but I’ll tell you its one of the most downloaded instant messaging app after WhatsApp. Messages on Viber are encrypted and you can even self destruct a conversation you had left behind.

Viber Messenger is just like Telegram in terms of stickers and emojis, you’ll find lots of funny stickers on Viber, you can also build a community on Viber and there is no limit to the numbers of members you can have. Viber Messenger is one of the best instant messaging apps for Android and iOS user.

Viber Messenger - Messages, Group Chats & Calls

DownloadQR-CodeViber Messenger – Messages, Group Chats & CallsDeveloper: Viber Media S.à r.l.Price: Free+

‎Viber Messenger: Chats & Calls

DownloadQR-Code‎Viber Messenger: Chats & CallsDeveloper: Viber Media SARL.Price: Free+

3. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

We all use WhatsApp Messenger so there’s a little I have to say about it, though it’s an amazing instant messaging app but limited to many features compared to Telegram and Viber Messenger and that is why we get to see different WhatsApp Mods online, and these mods have more features than the official WhatsApp Messenger.

With WhatsApp Messenger you can communicate with friends and family, you can also make quality voice and video calls for free, you can share what’s on your mind through the status features, and it also allows you to share your status directly to your Facebook story. WhatsApp Messenger is the worlds most used Instant Messaging app, but it lacks features everyone needs. But still, it’s one of the best instant messaging apps for Android and iOS users.

WhatsApp Messenger

DownloadQR-CodeWhatsApp MessengerDeveloper: WhatsApp Inc.Price: Free 

‎WhatsApp Messenger

DownloadQR-Code‎WhatsApp MessengerDeveloper: WhatsApp Inc.Price: Free 

4. WeChat


WeChat is the most popular instant messaging app in China, if you have friends or families in china, this is the only app you can use to communicate with them, WeChat is cool to use and also has some amazing features, with WeChat you can make payments via the WeChat Pay option, you can also play games and have more fun than ever. The only way to get the better of WeChat is when you have an account that was opened in China, WeChat has a lot of restrictions, but it’s still an amazing instant messaging app.

If you’re looking for an instant messaging app to chat and have fun with friends and family, then you should try installing WeChat on your Android or iOS device, it’s one of the best instant messaging apps for Android and iOS.


DownloadQR-CodeWeChatDeveloper: WeChatPrice: Free+


DownloadQR-Code‎WeChatDeveloper: WeChatPrice: Free+

5. ICQ


ICQ messenger app is another app that’ll give you the freedom to chat with friends and family, make calls and enjoy unlimited texting on a secured server, all your conversations on ICQ are encrypted and you can have any type of conversation you want. ICQ has a lot of features and I enjoy the sound it makes when a message is being received.

On ICQ, you can make quality video calls, create your stickers and also enjoy the creation of group chats with unlimited members, ICQ is fun to use and it’s one of the best instant messaging app for Android and iOS users.

ICQ: Messages, Group chats & Video Calls

DownloadQR-CodeICQ: Messages, Group chats & Video CallsDeveloper: LLC Mail.RuPrice: Free 

‎ICQ – Messenger & Video Calls

DownloadQR-Code‎ICQ – Messenger & Video CallsDeveloper: ICQPrice: Free 

6. Discord


Discord isn’t our normal instant messaging app like WhatsApp and co, but it’s rather an instant messaging app for gamers who wants to connect with gamers or fans around the world. Discord is the best instant messaging app gamers use to communicate with each other, if you want to grow an online community and set rules that’ll keep the community intact, Discord channels are one of the best ways to do so, you can set bots that’ll moderate every activity done in the channel.

You can texts, make voice calls and also make video calls, Discord is one of the best instant messaging apps for Android and iOS users, but only meant for gamers who want to connect with gamers and fans.

Discord - Chat for Gamers

DownloadQR-CodeDiscord – Chat for GamersDeveloper: Discord Inc.Price: Free 


DownloadQR-Code‎DiscordDeveloper: Discord, Inc.Price: Free+

7. Hike Sticker Chat

Hike Sticker Chat

Hike Sticker Chat is one of the best instant messaging apps you shouldn’t miss out giving a trial on, this app has over 30,000 stickers and these stickers are cool and can be used as a mode of conversation. With Hike Sticker Chat, you can text, call and also have video conversations, it has cool features and its very easy to send messages to friends and family using it.

Hike Sticker Chat is one of the best instant messaging apps for Android and iOS users, if you want to have conversations while using stickers, Hike will automatically change your text response into stickers.

Hike Sticker Chat - Fun & Expressive Messaging

DownloadQR-CodeHike Sticker Chat – Fun & Expressive MessagingDeveloper: Hike Private LimitedPrice: Free 

‎Hike Sticker Chat

DownloadQR-Code‎Hike Sticker ChatDeveloper: Hike Messenger LimitedPrice: Free 


These are the best instant messaging apps for Android and iOS users, use these apps to text friends and family, and if you want to build your business or grow an online community, you can use apps like Telegram, Discord or WhatsApp to get it done.

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