Thu. May 19th, 2022

Samsung uploaded a video on YouTube of the design of their second generation folding screen smartphone, which will likely be called Galaxy Fold 2.

“As promised at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) last year, Samsung will continue to explore a series of new forms for the folding screen smartphone category,” Samsung Newsroom wrote in their uploaded video.

The video reveals that Galaxy Fold 2 can be folded vertically the size of an ordinary smartphone from tablet mode.

After taking the form of an ordinary cell phone, Galaxy Fold can be folded horizontally or like a clamshell cellphone model that was popular in the early 2000s.

Phone Arena writes that the folding screen smartphone design in the video is ‘just for illustration’ because the original design of the Galaxy Fold 2 can still change.

Samsung reportedly will make the Galaxy Fold 2 8.1 inches or a denser model to 6.7 inches, they will also install super-thin glass so that the device is more durable.

The South Korean technology giant plans to improve the design of the hinge on a folding screen smartphone so that the device can be closed tightly, stay open when needed, and form an angle of 90 degrees so that the top and bottom screens can be used for different functions, such as laptop screens with keyboards.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is rumoured to be sliding in April next year. It is estimated that this smartphone will sell for US $1,980 (approx. N718,000 naira in Nigeria).

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