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Every Android device comes with a pre-installed SMS app that allows the sending of text messages to friends and family, these SMS apps can’t be uninstalled though but they can be replaced with another.

Default SMS apps can’t send long SMS and when you compose many words, it automatically converts to MMS and that isn’t cool cause the majority of mobile users don’t know MMS or how it works.

In this article I’ll be making a compilation of the best SMS texting apps for Android users, these apps have more features than the normal SMS apps we use and they allow sending of long messages. Most pre-installed SMS apps are old fashioned or contain ADS and that doesn’t please most people, but in this article, you’ll learn more about the perfect replacements for your pre-installed SMS app.

Best SMS Texting Apps For Android

1. Messages


Messages app is one of the finest SMS, MMS texting app out there, developed by Google INC, this app does make texting really easy on Android and it has some features that normal SMS app lacks, you can easily type unlimited messages on this app and also it comes with a dark mode feature that’ll give you nice interface when using the app.

Messages by Google makes SMS texting easy, you can have clean conversations with options to use emojis and stickers, you can also share your location with the person you’re texting. This app is free and its better than the default text messaging app installed on our Android device, it’s one of the best SMS texting apps for Android users.

Developer: Google LLC

Price: Free

2. Textra SMS

Textra SMS

Textra SMS is the perfect SMS texting app you need to get rid of your stock SMS app, this app is very customizable and it comes with amazing features that’ll take SMS texting to a whole different level on your Android device, Textra SMS has dark and light modes like Messages app, and it also comes with over 100+ themes to use.

If you’re looking for an SMS texting app that’ll notify you your text has been read by a recipient, you should then go for Textra SMS, it does a lot than sending unlimited messages, you can schedule SMS on it as well and also send quick voice memos on it. It’s one of the best SMS texting app for Android.

Textra SMS
Developer: Delicious

Price: Free+

3. Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS

With apps like Handcent around, ditching your default SMS texting app will become an easy thing to do and with the type of features this app has to offer even increases the chance to stick to it and if you want to experience sending texts differently, then you should get Hancent Next SMS app, this app is fully loaded with tons of features and it also offers cloud back-up to keep your conversations safe even after replacing your device.

Handcent is a very popular SMS text app for Android users and its free to use, but this app comes with ADS and the only way to get rid of them is to pay for the pro version with a lifetime guarantee for no occurrence of ADS again. If you want to get the best from SMS texting then you should check this app out.

4. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is one of the best alternatives to your default SMS app, and this app has over 10 million users and the number continues to rise significantly, due to its features and customizations, this app is regarded as the best SMS texting app to replace the stock SMS app on our Android device, there is a lot you can do with this app, it has an interface that’ll make your conversation screen look like you’re using Google Hangouts.

It also has features like text snippets, quick replies on device lock screen, you can also set privacy on it, backing up chats and also stop a text from sending after you had pushed the send button, this app is amazing to use and it has different themes you can use and also it allows you to customize the way you want.

chomp SMS
Developer: Delicious

Price: Free+



Yaata can be the perfect SMS texting app you need right now on your Android device, it has all you need to enjoy SMS texting differently and the features that came with this app are just so amazing and while some are free, the better features are only available if you make purchase for the pro version and the pro version has more features than the free version.

Yaata is no different from the apps I’ve listed above but it has different features on its own and the only way to use these features is when you pay. If you want to get rid of your stock SMS app, Yaata is the perfect app to fill that spot for you, it’s one of the best SMS texting apps for android users.

YAATA - SMS/MMS messaging
Developer: Kajo AndroDev

Price: Free+


With these apps you can change your default SMS app on your Android device, there are tons of features you’ll get from using these apps, they offer a lot, you can send unlimited texts on them and also share pictures, stickers with friends and family.

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