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NordVPN with no doubt is one of the best VPN out there, and it offers maximum anonymity when used and with it, you can surf any website without ISP tracking your IP address.

Due to the recent leaks of user data from NordVPN, there have been several user logins being shared publicly and that has got almost 50% NordVPN users looking for alternatives.

In this article I’ll be listing some of the best VPN’s out there, these VPN apps are available for both android and IOS users and you don’t have to worry about your account being leaked and sharing your premium VPN account with an unknown user

Best NordVPN Alternatives For Android And IOS

1. IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN

When it comes to choosing a preferred VPN app for my Android device, the first VPN app that comes to my mind is IPVanish VPN, it’s one of the best and its the best at what it does, with this VPN you can surf on different websites and also access the torrent world without being blocked out, its not a free VPN and neither does it offer trial services.

IPVanish has over 1,200 servers globally and it offers advanced standard encryption, its a very good VPN worth paying for and you don’t have to worry about your accounts being leaked, its a very secured VPN client and one of the best VPN alternatives to NordVPN.

2. VPN by Private Internet Access

VPN by Private Internet Access

PIA VPN is another good VPN worth using and it’s one of the fastest VPN app out there and it offers unlimited bandwidth when used. You can use PIA VPN to surf different websites and even the most secured websites with geo-restrictions will be accessed through this VPN. It has a lot of features that a good VPN app needs, you can even use this VPN to secure your Wi-Fi connection and also add privacy to your data.

It offers premium services and it charges are considerable, you can use PIA VPN across 10 different devices and when it comes to keeping user data safe, your account can never get hacked on PIA VPN and that makes it one of the best NordVPN alternatives for Android and IOS users.

3. Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN is just too good and worths every rating and review it gets, well if you don’t fancy using this VPN, I think you should consider using it and see the difference in what it offers. Windscribe VPN offers speed, anonymity and unlimited bandwidth and its available on different platforms, it offers amazing free features and unlike other VPN listed above, you can still use Windscribe for free. It offers free 10GB data to free registered users.

Windscribe is a better alternative to NordVPN in so many ways, it’s safe and even if you’re using a free account, you can never lose it to an unknown user. Windscribe VPN has some of the best DNS out there and your data are well encrypted and won’t get leaked, it’s a better alternative to NordVPN and one of the best for Android and IOS.

Windscribe VPN
Developer: Windscribe
Price: Free+

‎Windscribe VPN
Developer: Windscribe Limited
Price: Free+

4. TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN

Speaking of a good VPN with consistency, then you should look towards getting TunnelBear VPN, this VPN app has been delivering top-notch security when it comes to being anonymous on the web, it has features that are quite amazing. One fact about TunnelBear VPN is that it offers a free account to users but you can as well pay for its premium plan that comes for a cheap fee.

TunnelBear VPN makes sure its user’s account don’t get leaked to the public and when you pay for premium account, there’s no need to worry about losing your account to anyone. If you’re looking for a good VPN app that works perfectly on Android and IOS, you can use TunnelBear VPN and it serves as a better alternative to NordVPN.

TunnelBear VPN
Developer: TunnelBear, LLC
Price: Free+

‎TunnelBear VPN & Wifi Proxy

5. PureVPN


PureVPN is one of those VPN apps that surprised me since last year, actually the first VPN app I’ve seen having Nigeria among its servers, quite amazing though but here is another amazing fact about this VPN. It has over 180 countries in its server, that is rare actually. You can surf the net anyhow you want with PureVPN app running in the background, it will connect you to the most remote secured servers on the net and you can surf websites without being blocked.

PureVPN offers free access but servers are limited on it, therefore if you want to use more of its servers you must pay, but you don’t have to worry about losing your account, you can never find people sharing free PureVPN logins. It’s safe and also a good alternative to NordVPN.

‎VPN for iPhone by PureVPN
Developer: PureVPN
Price: Free+

6. ProtonVPN


ProtonVPN offer free services and paid services, its a very good VPN you can rely on and it works perfectly across many devices, this VPN is a better alternative to NordVPN in terms of features and also server connectivity, you can use it to surf the web anonymously and your DNS nor IP will be leaked out. ProtonVPN offers speed and encrypted connectivity and it has servers from known countries found on any VPN app.

Your user details can never get hacked and you can be rest assured you’re using a secured VPN app, its’s one of the finest VPN at the moment and also a competitor to NordVPN, you can use ProtonVPN on your Android device and also IOS device, you can also use this VPN if you have a computer, it lets you use one account on many devices.

‎ProtonVPN - Fast & Secure VPN


If you’re an active user on telegram channels were giveaways are being shared, you’ll find NordVPN logins being shared to the channel members, these logins belongs to normal people like us who had purchased for a premium account. That doesn’t guarantee user details are safe on NordVPN database.

But you can be rest assured of your premium accounts being safe on the VPN apps listed above, you can never find logins of these VPN’s being shared publicly and a place where security is guaranteed can be seen as an alternative to where there is no security.

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