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Gone are those days when sketching becomes a tough thing to do, and due to lack of having a PC or knowing how to use Adobe or Corel Draw makes it even tougher. But it’s quite different now and even if you own an Android device, you can sketch on it.

Today’s article covers the best sketching apps for Android users, these apps are as perfect as ever, sometimes they save time and stress spent on PC, they have all the features and tools you need to make good sketching.

If you want to be sketching on your Android device and you need some good apps to sketch with, this article is for you and I’m sure you find one or two apps you’d like to use. Sketching on Android does make sense, it’s like doing something on a platform you’re good with.

Sketching Apps For Android in 2019

1. SketchBook


Sketchbook is a sketching app developed by Autodesk, often regarded as the best sketching app ever found on Android, but I’ll say its one of the best sketching apps for Android user. This app does makes sketching easy and even if you’re a learner or a professional, you can always use Sketchbook to carry out your projects.

It offers most of the features you’ll find on Adobe products or even Corel Draw for free, using this app will cost you nothing, it has no in-app purchase nor does it contain ADS, it’s one of the best sketching apps you can use on your Android device, it’s very easy to use and its interface is awesome as well.

SketchBook - draw and paint

2. Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter

You might be coming across Infinite Painter for the first time, or perhaps you doubt how good it can be, well here’s a thing about this sketch & paint app. It offers almost the advanced tools used in doing painting projects, plus, it is developed to give you the best experience you need with painting and sketching.

This app is not free like Sketchbook, but the features on Infinite Painter are worth paying for and they don’t cost much like you’d think they’re, Infinite Painter has over 160 brushes, and also different tools to make the perfect 3D pictures. This app is one of the best sketching apps on Android, you can use it for any type of project.

Infinite Painter
Price: Free+

3. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

To my surprise when I knew Adobe had started developing editing apps for mobile users, it felt strange and at the same time joyful. I did get some good reviews on Adobe Photoshop Sketch from a few users of the app, well here’s what Adobe sketch app offers to Android users, with it you can do sketches easily, and it also gives you the best and most advanced tools on Adobe products.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch has some nice features, and it also has sample pictures from Adobe clouds, pictures you can use to add more beauty to your current project, its a free app and has no ADS or whatsoever. Adobe Photoshop Sketch is one of the best sketching apps on Android.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free

4. PaperDraw


When considering sketching on Android, PaperDraw is one of the sketching apps you’d consider using and due to its amazing tools and features, it makes sketching easier for newbies and those who are good at sketching. This sketching app is just awesome and it has a different paintbrush and different color library, there’s a lot you can do with PaperDraw app.

PaperDraw has some of the best writing tools, you can create amazing marks on pictures, you can carry out drawings as well. PaperDraw is one of the best sketching apps for Android users, you can use it to make any type of sketches you want.

PaperDraw:Paint Draw Sketchbook
Developer: Colorfit
Price: Free+

5. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw is another adobe product you can use as an Android user, its a very nice editing to create artworks or make amazing creations on pictures, this app works just like the top Adobe sketching software on PCs, it has many features to use and one thing I like about using Adobe apps to edit pictures or make creation is that, they always have free stock images that are available for use.

With Adobe Illustrator Draw you can create mindblowing artworks, you can also use it to edit an already created artworks, you can work on different images at the same time on Adobe Illustrator, it’s one of the best sketching apps to use as an android device user.

Adobe Illustrator Draw
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free

6. Dotpict


Dotpict is a bit different from the other sketching apps I listed above, and the difference is that Dotpict only makes creative pixel arts unlike other sketching apps that’ll allow you make different types of sketches even for normal artworks. Dotpict app lets you sketch pixel arts on your Android device and also lets you use some of the pro tools to make your work perfect.

Dotpict is very easy to use, and it also autosaves projects made on it, you can also share your work easily on it, its a free app but has ADS in it, so you have to pay to get rid of the ADS, but its a good sketching app and one of the best for Android.

dotpict - Easy to Pixel Arts
Developer: dotpict LLC
Price: Free+

7. ibis Paint X

ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint X is another popular sketching app used by Android users who indulge in artworks and editing. Ibis Paint X offers a lot and in terms of features and tools, this app is one of the best that offers all that, with Ibis app you’ll get access to over 2500 painting materials, lots of fonts and series of amazing brushes and lot more. You can use this app too for any creative projects you want.

Ibis X Paint also has ADS which proves to be the only flaws in this app, but you can buy its premium plan that doesn’t come with ADS, its one of the best sketching apps you’ll find on Android. it makes sketching very easy to do.

ibis Paint X
Developer: ibis inc.
Price: Free+


There are tons of apps that’ll let you sketch on your Android device, but the ones listed here are actually the best from the rest, with them you can sketch easily on your Android device and they offer some great features that makes everything awesome and professional.

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