Wed. May 25th, 2022

Samsung’s innovation continues. This time the South Korean tech giant reportedly is preparing a smartphone device with a flexible screen that can be shifted.

This was revealed through a patent filed by Samsung to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The patent shows a mobile design with a flexible screen that can be moved up and down with a sliding mechanism.

In this patent, the design of this smartphone looks no different from most smartphones. It is not known how big the screen span of the phone looks in the design, but at the top, there is a visible bezel with a front camera, speakers, and a number of sensors in it.

Citing Gizmochina, a sliding design like this is actually already owned by Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, but with a different shift mechanism.

When the Mi Mix 3 screen is shifted, the moving component is the part of the screen that is also connected to the body. Unlike Samsung which makes a flexible screen. So that when moved, the only moving part is the screen panel, not the body.

Samsung Patents Flexible Slide Screen PhonesSamsung Patents Flexible Slide Screen PhonesSamsung Patents Flexible Slide Screen Phones

Unfortunately, it is still unknown what further implementation of this sliding screen will emerge. But this sliding screen mechanism can be used to lift or close incoming telephone calls.

However, this design is only limited to filing patents only and it is uncertain whether it will actually be realized in the future or not. It could also be that Samsung is patenting the design of the smartphone so it is not stolen by other parties.

However, it is also possible that Samsung is really serious about working on mobile phones with a sliding screen design mechanism like this. We look forward to it together.

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