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With no doubt, facetime is arguably the best video calling application since its introduction to ios, and if you want an app that’ll give you the best experience when it comes to making video calls with friends and family, then you should go for Facetime.

The disheartening part about Facetime is that, despite being the best video calling application for smartphone users, its only available to IOS users. If you’re using an Android device you surely can’t use Facetime, but don’t worry cause this article has got you covered with the best Facetime alternatives.

These apps are normal video calling apps found on Android and ios, but since Facetime is only meant for IOS users, Android users can use the apps I’ll be listing in this article, they’re more like Facetime, even some seems to be better than Facetime from my perspective though.

Best Facetime Alternatives For Android

The apps I’ll be listing here are the best at what they offer, they all have good reviews and user ratings on Google Play Store, with them you wouldn’t have to feel the negative side of not having Facetime on your Android device.

1. Glide

You might’ve heard nor heard about Glide, well it’s a free video call app that’ll let you make video calls with friends and family, I do really find this app amazing and cause of its lightweight features that make video calling go smoothly, I can always consider it as one of the best Facetime alternatives.

With Glide you can also make video recordings that can be shared with friends and family, you can text while having a video conversation with anyone. Glide makes Facetime easy and offers great quality as well, if you don’t have Facetime on your Android device, you wouldn’t have to worry because Glide will offer you everything you want.

Developer: Glide 

Price: Free+

2. Google Duo

Google Duo

If we talk about one of the finest Face timing apps out there, we surely can’t let Google Duo be left out. Since its initial release a few years back, it has risen to be one of the finest video calling app for Android users, though it’s available to IOS users as well. With Google Duo, you can make free calls to anyone on your Google contacts.

Google Duo isn’t features packed like most video calling apps, it’s a very simple app, but secured and makes all your activities secured, you can easily text or make audio calls on Google Duo, it’s one of the best alternatives to Facetime, it’s free and has no fixed charges.

3. ICQ


ICQ is kinda underrated from my perspective, most times when I ask friends hey you got ICQ, the most response I get is what app is that!!! ICQ is an instant messaging app like Whatsapp and other apps we use, but one thing I like about this app is its video call features, it’s one of the best I’ve seen for an app of its caliber.

ICQ offers a lot compared to Facetime, with ICQ you can make encrypted calls, free high-quality video calls, create stickers for fun in conversations, make live conference chats with everyone on your contact list and so many more. There are lots of reasons to use ICQ and if you’d want something different and better than Facetime, then you should go for ICQ.

4. Skype


I’ll be gutted enough if anyone would say I’ve never heard of Skype or what does it do! I’ll go back to the days where everything was quite easy in terms of making calls to friends and families via Skype. Skype is a video calling app and also offers instant messaging, this app has been around for a long time and I can boldly say I was once its loyal user.

Even before the appearance of Facetime, Skype has been the top gun then and can still be considered now though. With skype you can make quality video calls and voice calls with anyone on your list, it’s one of the best alternatives you can for Facetime,

5. Video Call

Video Call

Video Call is one of the simple apps for perfect face timing, I wouldn’t ignore adding this app to the list despite its 3-star rating and as we all know that everyone can’t always have the same taste or feel the same pleasure in everything. Video Call app will let you make calls on your Android device at a low data rate, not just for face timing, you can also use it to send recorded videos with good quality.

It has its lot’s features and the developers of this app are even working towards bringing in new features that’ll make this app one of the best. You can always use Video Call app as an alternative to Facetime. If you want low data rate Face timing, then go for this app.

6. YeeCall


For Funtime and maybe a serious conversation with your loved ones, YeeCall is the right candidate to fit that hole, it makes face-timing much easier cause it’s free and offers low data cost when making video calls with anyone. With YeeCall you can make calls to anyone, video and audio calls and also free texting, this app has everything you need, it’s free but contains ADS, but it worth using.

YeeCall might not be as known as the likes of Skype co, but if you need a video calling app that makes calls even on a 2G network, then you should use YeeCall, it’s a good alternative to Facetime.


You shouldn’t have to worry when people talk about how good Facetime is, the Facetime alternatives I listed here are quite better than Facetime, you can make quality video calls with these apps, they’re free and consumes less data for call. These are the best alternatives to Facetime, make calls as you like and don’t worry about your data being consumed.

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