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Spectranet is another internet data provider here in Nigeria. When you acquire one of their devices — modem, MiFi, Router etc. there are various data plans there for you to choose from. The problem here is not activating your preferred bundle, it’s keeping track of your data balance. That said, I will show you how to check Spectranet data balance in less than a minutes.

How I wish there is a code one can dial to see what the data you’ve consumed but there isn’t. The only legit way is to opt for this way that I am about to show you.

Like I had always done here on NAIJAPHONES.COM , this post will share insightful step-by-step tips on how to check Spectranet data balance easily. It’s not so technical, all you need to have is your mobile phone or your laptop and it only requires a few minutes.

So let’s get down to business.

Here is how to check Spectranet data balance on your Phone or PC

There are 3 ways you can keep track of your data balance but the first method is the most reliable.

Method 1: Using Spectranet Selfcare Platform

Login to Spectranet Selfacre portal by visiting >> https://selfcare.spectranet.com.ng/

how to check spectranet data balance

Login to your Spectranet Account. Enter your User ID and the correct password.

Next, you will be logged in to the Spectranet selfcare portal where you can manage your account. Look at the bottom left corner you would find your data balance sitting there.

how to check spectranet data balance

For example, according to the picture below, you can see what I have left:

how to check spectranet data balance

  • Data Bank: 40:0:0 (GB:MB:KB)
  • Free Data Bank: 34:796:458 (GB:MB:KB)
  • Night Data Bank: Unlimited

GB — Gigabyte, MB — Megabyte and KB — Kilobyte

So there you go! That’s easy, right?

Okay, let me share with you other ways you can do this without entering your selfcare region.

Method 2: Use your MiFi device screen

There are new MiFi devices springing up and many of them came with a small screen that allows you to see vital information such as — network signal bar, battery, number of connected devices, MiFi password and even the data you’ve used so far!

So this one is as easy as pie, since I subscribed for the 40GB plan (40GB bonus + unlimited night), according to the picture, you’d see that I’ve already used about 20GB.


Method 3: Call Spectranet Support

The third option is another way you can check Spectranet data balance, all you have to do here to go to their website to get their customer support number then dial it, the customer support will provide you with information about the Spectranet data balance available on your account.

That’s it! With the methods stated above, I want to believe you can now check Spectranet data balance conveniently. Thanks for reading!

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