Wed. May 25th, 2022

Post contains 10 types of internet subscribers in Nigeria. What type of internet user are you? See other internet data users & internet plan you never knew.

In Nigeria, internet usage have seen massive growth and the rate at which people go online has shot up. We all fall under one, two or more categories of internet subscribers, let’s have a look at it right below.

This post however, is just going enlist the types of internet subscribers in Nigeria. Don’t forget that this post is just for fun and to show you other internet data users and possible internet plan you never knew.

10 Types Of Internet Subscribers In Nigeria

1. The Heavy Data Subscribers

This type of users are those that subscribes heavily with very expensive tariffs plans. They don’t care about prices, they just subscribe based on their preferred network and online duty. You find these sets of people with very consistent data subscription plan, they either spends most of their time online or own a SME that uses a reasonable amount of data monthly

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