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Voice changer applications will allow you to change your voice to any kind of sound at anytime. These applications can be used to prank friends and family members whilst been on a call with them. They might become startled when they expect to hear your voice but instead hear another. This article lists the best voice changer apps.

Of course there are lots of various apps which one can use to change his or her voice on their iPhone devices, but choosing the best from them is quite a tedious task, and that’s why I’ve made my research to bring you the best voice changer apps which can be downloaded and used quite alright.

Voice changer applications are fun to use actually and have got amazing features you’ll like to explore. So now, we’ll get right into the purpose of this article and list for you the best voice changer apps that would enable you to easily change your voice on your iPhone or iPad device.

The Best Voice Changer Apps for iPhone 2019

Below you’ll get to see the awesome voice changer applications that allow you have fun and also play prank on others. These apps can be downloaded via the Apple app store on your smartphone.

#1. Voicy Phone

Voicy Phone is one of the best voice changer apps one could use on his or her iOS device. This application will give you the best voice changing experience, and you’ll be able to use amazing effects and customizations when using this application. With the Voicy Phone app, you’d get to select the way you want your voice to sound when on calls.

Voicy Phone application has got lots of combination and amazing creativity features which is built-in. You can mix and match your voice and then listen to how you sound in various ways. You’ll get the best from Voicy Phone application when it comes to voice changing.

There are some features in this application that most voice changer apps do not have, thereby making voice phone to have an edge over them. You’ll get all you need from a voice changing the app once you get this downloaded and installed on your device. This app is absolutely free with no extra charges.

#2. Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer application is another best voice changer app that’ll give you the opportunity to have fun and prank your friends over phone calls. Enjoy lots of changeable sound effects and customizable options available in this awesome application. The Call Voice Changer app will allow you change your voice to anyone which suits your need at the moment.

Well, Call Voice Changer has also got amazing features that you can try out on your iPhone device when changing your voice. This application makes use of an internet connection, and you’re required to have a strong mobile network before the app will work well for you.

Call Voice Changer app will allow you to mix different kinds of voices into one, and this is to enable you to confuse those who hear it. This app has got quite a unique and beautiful user interface which makes things more interesting. The design of this application will allow you to navigate to several available options easier and faster.

#3. Funcall


Funcall is also a good voice changer application, and it will allow you to prank your friends and others in your workplace when calling them. This application can also be placed as one of the best voice changer apps for iOS smartphones. With the Funcall application, you can record scary and funny voices that you can play to scare or startle others over a phone call.

Funcall allows it’s users to make international calls to landlines but this will surely cost you. There are various fun voices available in this application and you can choose anyone you’d like to use. The sound effect also given to the app will enable you to tune and perfect your chosen voices in a better way. Get Funcall app and use it for free.

Just like the name, Funcall application really gives one an amazing fun time pranking friends and families with the different sets of sounds and voices which has been made available for it. Funcall will absolutely give you all you’d require from a voice changing application on your iPhone device. I’d say that this app is highly recommended if you want to have fun changing voices over calls.

#4. Voice Changer Plus

Voice Changer Plus is that application that will allow you to change your voice in various kinds of ways you can think of. With it comes amazing sound effects, voices, and tools that’ll give you the best experience when it comes to voice changing. One awesome thing about Voice Changer Plus application is its ability to play voices backward, and this seems awkward in a way though, but it’s cool.

There are over 55 voice effects and background sounds which has been made available for use in the Voice Changer Plus application. This app is free of unwanted and annoying adverts which tends to irritate users. One feature which is greatly useful in this application is that you can save and share your voice recordings with it.

Voice Changer Plus is another best choice for one searching for a good voice changing application. Yes, this app has got cool features to help you change voices. You can also make use of funny and scary sounds to change your voice when on a phone call with someone. You can download the voice changer plus application now and start using it right away.

Funny Call is just another useful voice changing application that helps you change your voice during calls to deceive and prank your friends. The Funny Call application allows you to create awesome moments with your family and other people by making fun calls and playing laughable jokes. Trust me when I say that you’ll never get in a sad mood when using this application.

There are different kinds of voice effects and awesome characters which is made available in the Funny Call application, and also with other features which you’ll get to use to make your voice more deceiving so you could easily prank others. Funny Call app has got a beautifully designed user interface.

Funny Call is that voice changer application that has got all fun making voices that would make people laugh. This app, nevertheless, has also got lots of scary voice and effects which you can also use when changing your voice over a phone call. If you do really want to have a fun time deceiving and scaring people with fake voices, then funny call app is the one you should use.

With the above mentioned applications, you will be able to change your voice easily to prank your friends and family over phone calls. They’re the best voice changer apps to use on iPhone devices. You can also tell us of the ones you might have used via the comment section and we’ll add it to the list. Also share this article with others if you enjoyed reading.

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