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Most networks in Nigeria provide a way for lending and sharing airtime from one subscriber to the other within their network. For each of the top networks, you will be able to lend or share airtime by dialing some simple USSD code.

How To Lend Airtime To Family And Friends

MTN Share and Sell

MTN Share N Sell is a very useful feature in MTN that makes it possible for MTN users to be able to share data.  To activate the MTN Share and Sell, 0000 is set as your default PIN. You can make changes to the default PIN so as to ward off cheats from stealing your credit behind your back. To change your PIN,  text the default 0000 2323 2323 as SMS to “the-default-PIN new-PIN new-PIN” to 777. meaning that 2323 is your new you PIN.

A faster way to change the PIN using USSD dial, to do this dial *600*default PIN*new PIN* new PIN#.

Now that your PIN has been changed to something more secure, you can now start sharing the credit with whosoever you wish to share with. To transfer the credit, type an SMS in this format and send to 777. “Transfer, Recipient’s Name, Amount and PIN” to 777.

You can also use the fast route which by dialing *600*Recipient’s Name*Amount*PIN#. As soon as your share went through, you will be notified through SMS stating that your transfer went through.

Please note that there is a minimum and maximum amount that you can transfer as set by MTN, the minimum amount is 50 and the maximum is 5000, notwithstanding, you are allowed to.make a total transfer of not more than a total transfer of N10,000 in a daily. More so there is no Unit transfer, all transfers are only allowed in round figures, meaning you cannot send 50.5, you can only transfer 50, 100, 200 etc.

Airtel Me2U

We now come to Airtel, Airtel as a Me2Uairtime sharing facility. it is easy to transfer airtime from airtel lines to Airtel line. the service is very close to that of MTN above, you will also need to create a new set of security PIN usually 4 digits before you can start sharing airtime with others.

To get started, change your Airtel default PIN 1234 by dialing *1432# on your mobile and follow the onscreen instructions promptly. It will request you to enter a new PIN you can henceforth start to make your Me2U airtime transfer.

To start airtime transfer on me2u use this format  “2u Recipient’s Name Amount [PIN” to 432.

Glo EasyShare

Glo being one of the most budget-friendly networks cannot overlook a functionality like this for their users. Glo users. Allow you to be able to share airtime on Glo, you can start sharing credit with friends and family members are also on the Glo network.

THowever, just like in other networks above, you need to change your default Glo EasyShare 5-digit PIN. The default 5-digit PIN is “00000”. To make the PIN changes, dial *132*00000*New PIN*New PIN#. Be sure your new PIN is secured and cannot be easily guessed by unwanted people, follow the 5 digit pattern in your new PIN, once done you can start sharing your Glo anytime with friends and family using the GloEasy Share platform.

To starting lending airtimes to people you choose Simply dial *131*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#

Transferring with 9mobile

Coming to the fourth Telecom giant in Nigeria, 9mobile also considers the need of her clients and also allow for airtime sharing and lending as seen on other networks. 9mobile also provides a super easy and less stressful method of airtime sharing, it is a lot easier than the other networks above, where you are required to first set up a  4-digit PIN. On 9mobile, while your default transfer PIN is also generic 0000 but can be changed to the value you wish.

To start lending airtime on 9 mobile, dial *223*PIN*amount*Recipient’s Number#.


You can see that each and every one of the top telecommunication networks in Nigeria allow you to share data with friends, family and the people you choose. We have an offer for you today to enjoy massive discounts on Data, Cable subscriptions, Airtime recharge, Bulk SMS and lot more, Sign up to a day to start enjoying massive data on 85kobo today!

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