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This post is meant to teach you how to buy Glo Recharge Card Online, However, we will like to, first of all, show you how you can buy Glo Recharge Card using USSD.

Globacom Nigeria recently launched a USSD solution for a quick recharge of data and airtime on your Glo SIM with all Nigerian Banks. The solution is called Glo Simple Recharge.

With the Glo Simple Recharge, you can now recharge your Glo line easily while on the move. Moreover, It’s an era of USSD in Nigeria, so the simple recharge by Glo is timely.

Glo Simple Recharge makes it easy for anyone looking to make a purchase of airtime or Data on a Glo SIM. The process is so simple and can be done on ay Phone. You don’t even need a smartphone for this purpose. Glo simple recharge makes it easy to top up your mobile in a simple way without incurring any extra cost.

How To Use Glo Simple Recharge

Glo Simple Recharge works by dialing *805# on your phone. The service is toll-free…meaning you are not charged for using the ussd code.

However, to activate this service, you would have to link your bank accounts to your phone number, Then dial *805#,

You will be prompted to select your bank and the amount of data or airtime you want to recharge. Voila! You should get a successful transaction message and the Airtime will immediately be credited to the number you submitted. The process is seamless, convenient and above all secure.

Remember, to enjoy this service, link your phone number to your bank accounts, Then dial *805#, select the bank and the amount of airtime/Data you want to recharge. You can also do top up for Family and Friends.

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Continue reading this article to learn how to How to buy Glo Recharge Card Online

How To Buy Glo Recharge Card Online

There a lot of options available to Buy Glo Recharge Card Online. However, you would need to have a credit card or an ATM card to make this happen. kobo

If you don’t have an ATM card, you can still make a purchase from your Bank’s internet banking app. In this post, we will explain how you can buy Glo Recharge Card Online using The process is similar to using other sites like quickteller or jumiaOne.

You will need a smartphone or an internet-connected device to carry out this transaction.

Firstly, click on this link to register on after that sign in to your new account and click on this link to Buy Glo Airtime. Input the amount of Glo Airtime you want to purchase and click the PAY WITH ATM button. You will be redirected to the payment processor interface.

Filled your ATM card details and click Ok. You might be asked to input OTP code from your bank to complete the transaction. Usually, if you don’t have your bank token, you should also get an sms from your bank. Input the OTP code and your transaction will be successful.


Hope this answers your question on How to buy Glo Recharge Airtime Online. Feel free to use the comment session, if you have any question

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