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Airtel is undoubtedly one of the best leading global telecommunications company in Nigeria. Its official name is (Bharti Airtel Limited), having its operations in about 20 countries across Africa and Asia.

Airtel Nigeria currently ranks among the top 5 internet service providers with very large customers and subscribers globally.

Airtel offers various products and services such as 2G, 3G and 4G mobile services, fixed-line, high-speed broadband through IPTV, DTH, DSL, enterprise services including international and national long-distance services to carriers.

Airtel is powered and driven by the vision of providing affordable and innovative mobile services to all, with the aim of offering cheap Airtel Data Bundles to its subscribers.

Obviously, Airtel has been seen and recommended as the best network service in Nigeria of which the Airtel Data Bundle is currently the second cheapest after Glo Data Plan.

However, today you will get the complete list of Airtel Data Plan, Airtel Data Pack, Data Bundle,  Subscription codes, Prices, Night plan, How to share data and How to check data balance.

How Do I Buy Data On Airtel?

Wondering how to get the subscription codes for Airtel data plans? Well, we have listed everything you to know on this page. However, note that all the airtel data bundles provided here can be used for Mobile, Android, Tablets, Desktop and Laptops, including smart TVs.

Listed below are all the data plans, Airtel Nigeria currently offers. This includes the Airtel SmartSPEEDOO Data Plans which can be used for all devices including mobile, smartphones and computers etc.
airtel data plan

What Are The Codes For Airtel Data Plans

Airtel Nigeria ‘s internet browsing plans range from data packages as low as 100naira to 136,000naira. However, these plans are ideal for different users. For instance, the 100naira plan is ideal for mobile phone users as it affords you just 30megabytes and is valid for 24hours.

The tables below will show you different bundles you can subscribe to and their USSD codes.


100 Naira for 30MB Here airtel gives you 30MB for just 100 naira and it is valid for only 24 hours. The activation code is *410#.
200 Naira for 100MB With this plan, you will get 100MB for just 200 Naira and it’s valid for 3 days. The activation code is *412#.
300 Naira for 80MB With just 300 naira, you will get 80MB data bundle which has a validity period of 7 days (1 week). The activation code is *417#.
500 Naira for 750MB with this plan, Airtel gives you a whopping 750MB of data bundle for just 500 naira and it is valid for only 14 days (2 weeks). The activation code is *418#.
1000 Naira for 1.5GB here, Airtel gives you 1.5GB data for 1000 naira only, and has a validity period of 30 days (1 month). To activate, dial: *496#.
1500 Naira for 3GB here you will get 3GB data bundle for 1500 naira only, and has a validity period of 30 days (1 month). To activate, dial: *435#.
2000 Naira for 3.5GB With this plan, you will get 3.5GB Data bundle for 2000 naira and its validity is 30 days (1 month). To activate, dial: *437#.
2500 Naira for 5GB here you will get 5GB of internet data for only 2500 naira. It has a validity period of 30 days (1 month). To activate, dial: *437*1#.
3500 Naira for 7GB With this plan, you will get 7GB for 3500 naira which has a validity period of 30 days (1 month). The activation code is *438#.
4000 Naira for 9GB here you will get a whopping 9GB of data with just 4000 naira; it has a validity period of 30 days (1 month). The activation code is *438*1#.
3GB for 1000 Naira (Blackberry only) with this plan, Airtel gives you 3GB of data for just 1000 naira and it has a validity period of 30 days. Activation code is: *431#.
100 Naira for 40MB with this plan, you will get just 40MB for only 100 naira, and it has a validity period of 24 hours (1 day). Activation code is: *440*18#.
525 Naira for 200MB This plan gives you 200MB data bundle with just 525 naira only, and has a validity of 7 days (1 week). To activate, dial: *440*17#.


MEGA 5 Here you will get 10GB data bundle for only 5000 naira which has a validity period of 30 days. To activate, dial: *452#.
MEGA 8 With this plan, you will get 16GB data for 8000 naira, and has a validity of 30 days. To activate dial: *460#.
MEGA 36 with this plan, you will get 50GB of data for 36,000 naira. It has a validity of 180 days (5 months). To activate dial: *406#.
MEGA 136 Here, Airtel gives you 200GB of data bundle for 136,000 naira. It is valid for only 1 year (12 months). Activation code is: *408#.
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UNLIMITED 10 With this plan, you will get an unlimited data plan for 10,000 naira with a validity period of 30 days. Airtel fair usage policy applies after the first 40GB used. To activate, dial: *462*10#.
UNLIMITED 15 With this plan, you will get an unlimited data bundle for only 15,000 naira with a validity period of 30 days. Airtel fair usage policy applies after the first 65GB used. To activate, dial: *462*15#.
UNLIMITED 20 With this plan, you will get an unlimited data plan for 20,000 naira with a validity period of 30 days. Airtel fair usage policy applies after the first 1000GB used. To activate, dial: *462*20#.


To get the Airtel Night plan, you will need to Migrate to this airtel package called Airtel SmartTrybe.

Trybe is a very cheap airtel night plan which provides the best rate on data and calls to all networks, along with cool night browsing. To Migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe, Dial *312#.

Things to get once you Migrate:

  • 30% extra data on bundles of 500 naira and above purchased in Nigeria.
  • 1GB for 500 naira, Valid for just 7 days
  • Cool Night browsing: (25 naira for 500MB, valid between 12 midnight to 5 am).
  • Free 15mb every week.


Oh yeah, definitely you can share data on Airtel with ease (no registration); now you can share using the following codes below.

10MB Dial *141*712*11*recipient number#
25MB Dial *141*712*9*recipient number#
60MB Dial *141*712*4*recipient number#.


  • Airtel Data Plan for Mobile: Dial *141*11*0# or *141*712*0# or *223# to get more info and details about data usage.
  • For Airtel BIS (Blackberry): SMS “STATUS” to 440 or dial *123*9# for more info and details on data usage.

Alright, here is the full list of all Airtel Data Plans and Prices in Nigeria 2019.

How Do I Check My Data Plan On Airtel?

To check your remaining data balance you can use the resource code below to check your remaining data bundle balance on Airtel Nigeria.

*140# to check your MB data balance easily. ( The network will send you an SMS. …

  • Dial *223# to check Airtel data balance on Android.
  • Dial *123*10# to check Airtel data balance on Android, Blackberry, etc.

How To Send 25 MB Airtel Data?

  • Proceed by following the onscreen instruction to complete the process.


How Can I Subscribe For Airtel 1000?

Airtel data plan that used to give 3GB for 1000, at the moment Airtel has reduced it to 1.5GB for 1000, valid for 30 days, if the plan is fine by and want to activate, first, load your airtel line with 1000 Naira worth of Airtime and Dial *431#.

How Can I Subscribe For Airtel 500?

Airtel 500 is from the SmartTrybe tariff plan that allows Airtel Users to get 1GB data for 500 Naira valid for 7 days. You can activate the Internet Bundle by dialing *312# and select the 500 for 1 GB option. To check your balance dial *140# or *223#.

How Can I Borrow Data From Airtel?

Airtel has an extension that makes it possible for you to borrow data on the network, it can be a bit hectic if you get stucked, many times you need data to get data on the least. so if you find yourself in a condition where you need data emergently, then this guide below can come in handy:

    • The Airtel facility for credit borrow is called Airtel Extra Credit
    • To get started Dial *500# on your mobile phone
    • Pick option 3 to Borrow Data.
    • Select the amount of data you want to borrow from the menu list.

How Much Data Do I Have Left Airtel?

Checking how much data you have left is not so far fetched, all you need to do is dial *223# for your subscription data balance, on the instance you will be messaged on your currently available data balance through SMS.

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How Do I Check My 4gb Data Balance On Airtel?

There is no different way than what is written above to check for Airtel 4G balance, the same method applies for all users on both 3G and 4G. Dial *223# to see your Subscription balance.

How Can I Transfer Internet Balance In Airtel?

Transferring Airtel data is not free, however, the charges are minimal, here is the steps to follow to get it done easily. For 60MB dial *141*712*4* recipient number #. E.g: *141*712*4* 0000000000 #. Alternatively, you can dial *141*1# and then follow the onscreen instructions to transfer Airtel Data.

How Can I Know My Ussd Airtel Number?

You can quickly see your Airtel phone number by dialing this USSD code on your phone. Dial *121# on your mobile phone with the Airtel SIM. Select “Manage my Account” by clicking on 2. Pick option 4 on the next scree nto see your Airtel phone number.

How Can I Buy Airtel Data From First Bank?

We had previously written a detailed guide on how you can buy Airtel data from First bank using First  bank USSD code.

What Is The Best Data Plan For Airtel?

It will be a little bit difficult for us to say these is the best data plan on Airtel, but we will enjoy you to check above and peruse all of the airtel data plans available in Nigeria and pick which is the most applicable to you. You can switch in between plans depending on your needs at a particluar moment.

How Can I Subscribe For Airtel Night Plan?

Airtel has a night plan available for students and just about anybody who is ready to stay up at night to do surf the web or download stuffs. The data is extremely cheap, you will get 250MB for 25 naira valid 12am to 5am, you can get up to 1gb data for midnight for just 100 Naira. All you need to do is migrate to smartTrybe with *312#. Dial to subscribe to Airtel night plan.

How Can I Improve My Airtel Network?

If you are on 2G and you want to improve your Airtel net worth, follow these simple steps:
Go to settings on your phone, click on mobile networks be sure that the correct option which is WCDMA is chosen, you can now restart your phone and watch your internet speed blaze than ever. This method also applies for 2G 3G 4G and Modem Devices or phones.

How Can I Get Free 4gb Airtel 4g Sim?

In order to get free 4GB from Airtel, Airtel requires you to upgrade your line from 3G to 4G, please note that before you can do this, your phone must be 4G enabled, to perform the Upgrade to Airtel 4G network, simply walk in to any of the Airtel Outlets and they will help you with the process of changing your old SIM to an Airtel 4G SIM. airtel welcomes all new Airtel 4G users to the network by giving you 4GB data for free on Airtel.

How Can I Get An Airtel 6x Bonus?

Airtel 6x bonus bundles are made available for all Airtel prepaid subscribers. With Airtel 6x, you will bag times 6 of the original value of your airtime whenever you recharge using the USSD code *555*PIN#. You can use your Bundle values can make calls to all networks, browse the internet and also send SMS.

How Can I Migrate To Airtel 4g?

Visit any Airtel Store or outlet that is close to you to get a new 4G SIM or Upgrade your old SIM to 4G. It is free, you will also get 4GB Free data when you upgrade.

Why Is Airtel Network Slow?

If you think Airtel network is slow, there are two things that may happen, One of the main reasons is maybe because you are in a low coverage area, or perhaps you need to check your device coverage. 4G enabled devices will enjoy faster browsing speed than 3G or 2G. What is generally obtainable is coverage issue, if you are in a good coverage area Airtel is generally fast,, at the moment it is the fastest for browsing after 9mobile.

How To Check Data Balance On Airtel?

To check your data balance on Airtel dial *121*2#. You will receive an SMS shortly showing a statement of your data balance

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