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WhatsApp mods are third-party apps that offer completely different features and customization to our WhatsApp, here is a couple of WhatsApp mod apps you will love to have on your Android device compiled by

Since the shutdown of GB WhatsApp earlier this month, there have been different rumours of continuous development from different developers after its primary owner had to step down. But seems there won’t be any development on GB WhatsApp and that has kept its users in limbo.

However there are tons of WhatsApp mods that are quite awesome as GB WhatsApp, and in this article, you will find some of the best WhatsApp mod apps for android, you don’t have to worry about being unable to use GB WhatsApp after it expires.

The official WhatsApp is a great app and allows you to send instant messages, make phone calls over the net and also allows you to make video conversations with friends and families, but despite being a top instant messaging app, it lacks some features that’ll really make it fun to use and people opt to use modded WhatsApp cause they all have amazing features.

Some Amazing WhatsApp Mod Features

  • Hide View Status – Lets you view your contacts status unnoticed
  • Hide Blue Ticks – When you read someone’s message or a group message, the sender won’t see the blue tick that signifies you have read his/her message
  • Anti Revoke Message – This feature lets you see and read deleted messages even after the sender deleted it
  • Status Upload Limit – The official WhatsApp will only allow you upload video status with 30 seconds limit, but the mod WhatsApp’s will allow you upload status with over 30 minutes limit.

There are so many features you will find on modded WhatsApp that I can’t list out, but once you begin to use one, you will discover more of these features and realize it’s better using a mod WhatsApp version compared to the Official WhatsApp, Though everyone doesn’t fancy it.

Best WhatsApp Mod Apps For Android 2019

1. Yo WhatsApp (YoWa)

After GB WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp is like the second most popular WhatsApp mod, and now that GB WhatsApp is no more, it has risen to be the most popular and also the king of WhatsApp mod cause of it features. I personally like this mod type and its even the one I use presently, it has amazing features that make using of WhatsApp a bit fun.

If you’re looking for a WhatsApp mod that has almost all the features you want, then you should consider YoWa as an option, this is one of the best WhatsApp mods you will come across.

Download Link:

2. WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero is one of those WhatsApp mods that will blow your minds out, it has great customization and will give your conversation screen and home screen a brand new look. WhatsApp Aero is developed by a Turkish developer as he has really worked hard to make sure his work delivers the best experience everyone WhatsApp users need.

If you are looking for a light WhatsApp to use on your Android device, well WhatsApp aero is a good one to use, you will love everything about this app, its features are amazing and setting it up is really easy.

Download Link:

3. Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp is well known to be the 3rd best after GB and Yowa, it’s easy to say cause it has the features that make a wonderful WhatsApp mod, this app is one of the best you will see right now and since GB WhatsApp has been banned, it’s now getting more attention than ever. If you need a mod WhatsApp that has all the amazing features you need, then you should consider getting Fouad WhatsApp.

One good thing about Fouad is that it has almost all the features of YoWa, it is the cloned version of Yo WhatsApp and its arguably one of the best WhatsApp mods for android device.

Download Link:

4. FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is another found YoWa clone, so basically it comes with the features Yo WhatsApp possesses, it’s a good WhatsApp mod and sightly different from some of the WhatsApp mods I have listed, If you need a mod WhatsApp that offers both theming and performance, then you should try getting FM WhatsApp installed on your android device.

Fm WhatsApp is safe to use and just like Fouad WhatsApp, you will get unlimited features at your fingertip, this is one of the best WhatsApp mods every Android users can use.

Download Link:

5. RC YoWhatsApp

If you’re an admirer of IOS WhatsApp and will like to have the same UI on your android device, then RC YoWa is the perfect type of WhatsApp mod you need. This type of WhatsApp mod is fully focused on emulating iOS WhatsApp and it doesn’t look different from the IOS WhatsApp itself.

Rc YoWhatsApp is fully stacked with amazing features and has different IOS themes which can be applied, the lovable part of this WhatsApp mod is that it has dark mode IOS WhatsApp theme, this is one of the best WhatsApp mods for android device.

Download Link:

6. Delta YoWhatsApp

Delta YoWa is another WhatsApp mod that is fully based on YoWhatsApp package, its a different type of mod and it’s nothing like the official YoWhatsApp, Delta YoWhatsApp has more advanced features and even some of these features can’t be found on YoWhatsApp, this is the type of WhatsApp mod that will let you use WhatsApp in a completely different way.

Delta YoWhatsApp has a nice home screen style and its status section is like that of Instagram, This is one of the best WhatsApp mod apps for android users, it is safe and functions just like the rest of the mods listed in this article.

Download Link:

7. WhatsApp Mix

WhatsApp Mix is not the type of WhatsApp mod you’d be expecting though, but it has the element of surprise, and that is all the amazing features of every popular WhatsApp mods, this type of WhatsApp has no feature of its own, but it has every important feature of YoWhatsApp, Delta WhatsApp, RC WhatsApp and many more and that really makes things easy.

WhatsApp Mix can be your all in one WhatsApp mod, it is one of the best WhatsApp mod apps for android and using it will let explore different features and customization.

Download Link:


With GB WhatsApp gone and the official WhatsApp beginning to look boring, well these are the best alternatives at the moment, every Moded WhatsApp listed in this article are the best WhatsApp mods for android at the moment.

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