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With Glo welcome back, you can easily retrieve your lost or damaged Glo line. In this post you’ll learn how to do just that.

Globacom is one of the biggest mobile network provider in Nigeria and several West African countries and, as such, boasts millions of customers nationwide.

Several customers at some point lose their SIM cards and therefore need to replace them.

Although you can always buy a new SIM card, this will lead to you missing out on calls from family and friends who decide to reach out to you through your existing line.

Fortunately, you don’t have to change to a new SIM card. Right here we’ll show you all the steps and requirements for Glo SIM replacement.

How to retrieve your lost or damaged Glo SIM card

You can replace your lost or stolen SIM card at any Gloworld Shop closest to you by following these steps:

  1. Visit any Gloworld store or affiliate shop and tell them you intend to retrieve your lost SIM card.
  2. Fill the SIM replacement form for prepaid or postpaid (Glo business), depending on your tariff type.
  3. Provide all necessary document upon the request of customer care.
  4. Wait till the whole process is completed by the agent, after which you’ll receive a new welcome back pack.
  5. Activate the new SIM in 2 to 3 hours by inserting it in your phone and powering up.

After completing the above steps, you have successfully replaced your lost Glo SIM card, and your friends and families using your existing number will be able to reach you through it.

Glo SIM replacement requirements

To be able to complete SIM retrieval (welcome back) on Glo you must be able to provide the following documents / information:

  • A valid National ID/Drivers License, International Passport, Employee ID/Trade Union ID or School ID. Furthermore, the means of identification must provide a clear image of the owner.
  • SIM pack of your lost line or, in the event that you can find it, a police Report and Sworn Affidavit affirming you owned and lost line.
  • Provide information on your frequently called numbers, last airtime recharge and current tariff plan upon the request of the customer care agent.

Frequently asked questions

How much is Glo welcome back?

The Cost of Glo SIM replacement, alternatively known as welcome back, is N100.00 only. You must make this payment at any Gloworld outlet or distributor store where you wish to complete your SIM swap.

How long does Glo SIM swap / welcome back take?

It takes only a few hours to complete, provided you have all the necessary documents to carry out the welcome back.

Can I complete Glo sim swap / welcome back online (at home)

No. You cannot complete Glo SIM replacement at home. Formerly you could do that; however, due to the implementation of sim registration and several other measures to curb illegal activities people perpetrate using mobile numbers, it is now a bit complicated to welcome back your SIM.

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